A Community of Learners

Yellow Wood Academy is a community of curious, committed (and neurodiverse) teachers and learners both online and on campus.

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We are a nonprofit one-on-one and small group school designed for your child as a learner and an individual.

Yellow Wood Academy is an accredited independent school on Mercer Island. We serve 4th-12th grade students who are looking for a personalized approach to their education, supported by a team of dedicated teachers.

We currently offer on campus and online options.


The Yellow Wood Academy Approach


Personally Crafted Programs

At Yellow Wood Academy, our philosophy is to provide every student with the tools and encouragement needed to pursue their own personal journey. We do this by constructing a unique educational program for our students that considers the whole child. All of our programs are academically rigorous while personalizing the pace, style, and projects for your student. Our teachers know when to give more time and support and when to encourage our students to expand and explore.

I enjoy going to Yellow Wood because I get to have a say in what I learn.
— Yellow Wood Academy Student

Complete Education

We know that no education is complete without cultivating culture, art, and music. Our students have the opportunity to learn oil painting, music production, 3D printing, personal fitness, design, photography, rock band, and so much more. By melding our core curriculum with community engagement, arts, technology, and languages, we create a program which encourages students not just to learn, but to thrive.


Community of Students

School is more than classes and curriculum. Bolstering our academic and artistic classes is our structure for fostering friendship. Between clubs like the Current Event Discussions, Lego Club, and LGBTQ Club (to name just a few), semi-structured Lunch Activities, group classes, and our group executive functioning course (Nest) we help our students find their people and build life-long friendships.

Team Learning

No matter what their path, students will all need to know how to thrive in collaborative, team environments. That’s why we pair that one-on-one attention with curated small group classes of no more than four. While they work in our small classes, students get a chance to work collaboratively, discuss topics with their peers, and build the skills to work as a team.

I enjoy Yellow Wood because [of] the one-on-one teaching. It really made a big difference for me.
— Yellow Wood Academy Student

Since attending Yellow Wood, [my son] has grown and matured into a different person. He has more confidence, his social skills are soaring, and [he] is dealing with his anxiety in a whole new way by taking more risks. I really believe that without so much pressure of a large school environment, [my son] has been able to calm his central nervous system (instead of being in fight or flight mode ALL the time) and actually use his brain both academically and emotionally.
— Sharon, mother of a 6th grader

Yellow Wood Academy is the Right Fit


Unique Schedules

Elite Athletes, World Travelers, Dual Enrollment, and more:

Students have many reasons to need a flexible schedule, and Yellow Wood Academy programs work with their needs. Whether your student needs morning classes, afternoon classes, or the freedom to participate in opportunities outside of school and not miss their education, Yellow Wood Academy can help them get a great education.

We offer full-time programs, part-time programs, dual enrollment, single classes, and more so your student can get exactly what they need.


Unique Learners

Gifted and Accelerated, Anxiety, Sensory Issues, Extra Support and Structure, Learning Disabilities, and more:

At Yellow Wood Academy, our students approach learning from many directions. Since all of our classes are tailored to the student’s needs, they are free to take time on what challenges them and accelerate what they thrive in.

We help our students try out different learning methods, project styles, accommodations, and support systems until they find something that works best for them.


Unique Needs

Specialized Curriculum, AP, International Students, Missing Credits, and more:

Does your student need to get themselves back on the path to graduation? Forge a path into the American school system? Jump start early college? We can build them a program that will get them there and help them not only get through their schooling, but grow in it and take ownership of their own education. With programs in Foundations to build a student’s bedrock of knowledge, State Standard models to keep them on track, and Honors and AP (Advanced Placement) to let them forge ahead, we can craft a program that carves a path toward their imagined future.


When I first came to this school, I was behind in almost everything...when I came here I was able to buckle down and get all those things I was behind in and actually get ahead.
— Yellow Wood Academy Student

Right Now at Yellow Wood

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